Studio21 presents

    A project
    the possibilities of the printed picture
    16.09.16 - 30.9.16

    Opening 16 Sept, 2016, 6.00 PM
    Looking forward to your active participation

    Looking forward to your active participation.

    Manas Acharya(Curator-Coordinator)
    Studio 21
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    Nilanjan Das
    graduated from Rabindra Bharati University with an MFA and BFA from the Graphics Department. As a printmaker he uses the reproductive possibility of print as a point of access to create a direct connection between people and art. He choses objects and formats for his work that are common, popular, witty, interactive, communicative, and commercial, often manipulating their marketable charasteristics to connect to people. Working with such unconventional objects, pushes him to stretch the traditional rules and boundaries of printmaking as a medium, enabling him to go beyond its typical two dimensional formats.
    Since his graduating body of work in 2012, Nilanjan has engaged with the participatory and interactive possibilities of printmaking, aiming to de-mystify the print and restore its ability to act as a public art medium. In recent years, together with other practitioners, he has initiated the public art project Chitpur Local in what used to be the hub of printing and publishing in North Kolkata. In what was the home of the “popular print”, Nilanjan collaborated with neighbourhood craftspersons and entrepreneurs to return printmaking to the street corners and sidewalks, where it’s origins lay. To do this, he designed games, flip books, playing cards, matchboxes and what-have-you - a plethora of objects that encouraged play and are reminiscent of the popular Bat-tala books from the vicinity that ranged from social and political lampooning to pornography in content.